Spanish is the second most popular language in the world with nearly 407M native speakers. I apologize for not directly replying your question, which others have already done, but I thought some readers might be interested in an explanation on why it is not necessarily the only (or best) course of action to use Spanish when visiting the region of C… Read More

I never would have come to Korean if not for my adoption. I also heard that if you want to learn a language then learning it from your partner is not the best way to go. People think that just because you have a partner from a certain country then it will automatically mean that you will be able to learn the language easily and that your partner ca… Read More

Yesterday we told you about how we are living our lives lately in perpetual jet lag We're tired - a lot. While sedatives can definitely help with sleep deprivation or broken sleep on the flight, there's a very real risk of developing deep vein thrombosis (DVT), especially if you're in economy or premium economy sleeping upright and squashed into a … Read More

Competitive advantages:a. Check out a product’s two and three celebrity reviews and find out what people disliked about the product.b. How can you create a better item by turning those negative into advantages of your product?What are your customers requesting?Ask your audience - you have a captive audience every time you see a affected person, i… Read More

If you have been keeping your fingers crossed for a truly passionate and beautiful rubber lesbian scene, then your wait is over when the first part of Rubber Pussy Girl Dressing, Finger, Pussy Licking, Strap-On Fuck, our next upcoming rubber video, is released.Barbara is in desperate need to fuck herself rubber clad and masked in the second part of… Read More