10 Tips For Recording Better Video With Your Smartphone

Shooting photos and videos is no longer reserved for professionals. 7. Editing — Don't be afraid to condense, scrap shots or shoot again. A single camera might not provide all of the angles and shots that you will need to capture. Learn how you can achieve that film-like look using variable neutral density filters when shooting movies with a DSLR.

Similarly, to get a close-up it's better to keep your camera set to a more wide-angle view and move the camera closer to the subject of your shot, than to have the camera farther away and zoom in for the close-up. If I am rocking focus from one subject to the other in a footage, I would want that to be slightly slower, but accurate.

Usually you can't really influence or change the lighting (full sun light in this case) and the challenge is to get all the shots you need without being a huge distraction to the actual ceremony. Although video definition is essential to capture a clear picture of your live event, sound quality is equally important.

Jeff also advised looking for good alternative views, shooting through flowers, reflections in mirrors, or windows, basically using out of focus foreground objects to add a sense of depth in the scene. Note key features: Write out key features for your product and make sure to shoot video highlighting those features.

Creating a video sitemap will tell Google precisely where all of your videos are located and what the content is in each video. The enormous chip inside of digital SLR cameras like the Canon 5D Mark II means that the camera can capture more light for each frame.

For instance, when people walking on the sidewalk scene is shot, show the moving feet by holding the camera low, instead of taking full front faced shots. My advice for when the lights are low is to disable the autofocus, otherwise you risk getting that annoying pulsing effect from the lens trying to lock onto a subject.

Instead get closer or further away from your subject and take wide, medium and narrow shots of the same scene. I know these close up shots look really good, especially if you are using a good camera. Re-shoots are costly which means getting clean audio and appropriate lighting the first time you shoot is an absolute necessity.

As principle director of Untamed Science productions his goal is to create videos and content that are both canon entertaining and educational. Rather than just randomly pointing and shooting, put a little bit of thought into how you frame each shot. This is a fancy term used in photography and videography to determine a certain time during the day when the sun is in a specific position, very close to the horizon, which makes the light, colors, and shadows look absolutely epic.

Play and test the light with the subject's position to see what looks best in video. This is where planning comes into play: You should not only allow extra time to shoot B-roll, but also determine in advance what shots will make the best additions. Then turn your video clips into a video highlighting what makes your location, your services, or your business special.

Using the grids to frame your shots makes your video imagery more visually pleasing. With inconspicuous ear microphones, videographers can now capture crisp audio from the most important moments of the day—from the ceremony vows to the tearful whispers of a father seeing his daughter in her dress for the first time.

Doubling your frame rate —especially for action shots and moving targets (which hopefully comprises most of your travel footage)—makes your travel video smoother, more professional, and just plain easier to watch. However, don't feel that you need a 4K camera to shoot wedding videos.

You'll make talent look their best and will have an easier time getting lighting that works. Learn some audio basics along with videography tips. When you are shooting a subject from a distance, this position also lets you portray persons in their full body image or at least - and most of the time preferably - from their knees up, aka cowboy shot.

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